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Why choose us to provide you with quality raw cat and dog food?

Our raw dog food story…

We are so incredibly passionate about the welfare of our fur babies. Our dog Roxy is a shih tzu bichon, we’ve had her for 10 years since she was a puppy and we have seen first hand the incredible impact a raw food diet can have on pets. From a puppy, Roxy had raw dog food. We switched her to tinned food, not knowing the difference it would make. It didn’t take long before we noticed she wasn’t as active as usual. We made the switch back to raw dog food and she was a different dog, playing like an active puppy again. The contrast in her behaviour was incredible, we couldn’t believe the improvement in her once we changed her diet back to raw dog food. We believe additive and preservative free food is the best for our pets, just as it is for us.

Our business is a family one…

Hi I’m Leanne, I run the business along with my partner Greg (when he’s not at his day job). We were born and bred in New Plymouth. After living elsewhere around New Zealand and traveling overseas, we decided there is no place like home, and made the move back to Taranaki. Before we took over Hungry Pet, my Mother in law Barb ran the business, and now she helps us out, as do our two children Lucas and Ayla, who are both obsessed with animals! Barb is now in charge of the primal processing of the meat itself. The onsite processing facility ensures we know exactly the quality that is going into our raw pet food.

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