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Raw cat and dog food… The Facts.

Why should we be feeding our cats and dogs raw food?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF)

At Hungry Pet we are firm believers in the BARF principles of feeding your pets. Cats and dogs both have digestive systems evolved and suited to digest a diet high in meat proteins and low in carbohydrates. Their intestines are relatively short and muscular and are designed to process and then eliminate in a short (usually 24hrs) period. When fed a raw meaty diet their stomach will usually have a PH level between 1 – 2. This is very acidic and allows the animal to digest its food (including bones) quickly and efficiently. It is also their first defense against harmful bacteria. Tests have proved that E Coli and salmonella are destroyed at these levels.

If you feed a diet of processed dry food which are rich in carbohydrates and commonly consist of around 80% grains the PH level will rise to 4-5. At this level the animal struggles to process its food fully so most of the time a good percentage simply passes through them. This is why their stools are larger and smellier. They are also at a greater risk of blockages because of the high level of undigested food.

The BARF principle of feeding applies to all animals, not just your cat and dog. This feeding system is practised in virtually every major Zoo in the world. The reason is simple , their animals not only do better and are healthier, they are also happier and have loads more vitality and vigour. If it works so well in our Zoos it will also work just as well for your cats and dogs.

It’s important to understand that in the wild your pet would devour all parts of its prey in order to give it a well balanced diet. Meat by itself is not enough so you must add some offals (approx 10% -15% of their diet) and bones.

Benefits of a BARF diet

  • Clean teeth
  • Fresher breath
  • Stronger jaws
  • Healthy immune system
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Smaller, softer and far less offensive stools
  • Increase in vigor and vitality
  • Less vet bills
  • Happier pets
Happier Pets
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